Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ways to Get Banned from Google Adsense

Many people claim that their Google Adsense has disabled. In practice it’s really an interesting topic why Google ban Adsense.  Mainly the fact behind that is “Invalid click”. If your Adsense account is  active read the article with great care because a single reckless act may ban yours.

So never try to do the acts which are described below and always try to keep in mind that if it’s banned you have to last forever.

Ø  Ignoring Adsense Program Policies.

Ø  Fraud Click – which means you click on your own ads or ask people to click on your ads: your friends, your family members, your relatives, your visitors, or even your pets.

Ø  Participate in some form of click increasing programme like pay per click (PPC) and paid by the malicious publishers. Mainly this job done by the visitors of the developing countries like India or China.

Ø  Using click-bot software. Which will go around your site and click on your ads.

Ø  “Invest” with websites to  promise to deliver “Adsense clicks” for your site.

Ø  Providing excess words  like “Click here” or “Please support us” or “Visit our sponsors” in site to make visitors to notice ads.

Ø  Place as many ads as possible in every page. Put more than three units of the normal ads block, more than one unit of ads links, or more than one referral buttons for each adsense, adwords, and firefox; all in one page.

Ø  Use spyware or Auto Surf to increasing the visitors in your site.

Ø  Using pop-ups - means when your users open a page, pop-up another one, ideally with the smiley or the IQ Test advertisements.

Ø  Put the adsense code in non-content pages: registration forms, term and condition, login page.

Ø  Modify the Adsense codes.

Ø  Using more than one adsense account in a single site.

Ø  Put your Adsense code in email the email, Usenet, RSS, etc.

Ø  Telling people about your CTR, your page impressions, etc. and also about your total earning.

Ø  Ignore Google trademark.

Ø  The most important is: if and when Google Adsense Team sends you email, to aware to you about any of your act ignoring those.

Ø  Put Adsense codes in the banned contents like –

·         Violence, or advocate against any individual, group,   or organization
·         Hacking content
·         Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
·         Pornography, adult, or mature content
·         Gambling or casino-related content
·         Selling certain weapons like firearms, ammunition, butterfly knives
·         Selling or promotion of beer or hard alcohol
·         Selling or promotion of tobacco or tobacco-related products

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