Friday, January 14, 2011

Bangladeshi Model Tinni & Hillol Scandle Tape!

Bangladeshi model Tinni stay nine years in showbiz industry where she step first by TV model keya beauty soap. Her full name is Srabonti Dutta Tinni. Tinni works modeling, drama, Telefilm etc. She is very popular for modeling and acting.

Tinni when was the peak of fame as a successful media personel married Hillol, another famous actor. Now they have a child named Owarissa. 

Tinni and Hillol marriage was love marriage. But two years ago Tinni Hillol divorce. Their divorce age limit was two years but they are solving their divorced problem. Now Tinni and Hillol live in same house with their lovely daughter.

When the relation of them were in the focus then a video was released where it's found that they were in their intercourse. The video revealed for our visitors here:



  1. this is not them..they r talking in hindi..dont bullshit with us

    1. sala admin bokachoda, nije video ta na dheke nami manushder bodnaam kore video upload korechish , tui ki janish ota ekta panjabi couple er video , khankir chele, r porshir video ta ekta arobic meyer video, chaharar mil dekhe tora ai bhabe naami manushder ke bodnaam korbi, manush ho, tor maa bondr jodi keo oi bhabe video kore internet a chhere dey kemon lagbe,

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