Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Use Gmail For Video Chat

Gmail the part if Google offers their users an amazing way connect with people text message where they recently added the video live chat facility. Now you can use the facilities by a single Gmail Account. 

Till now the feature is free for the Gmail members and can be use within any region of the world.

To enjoy this you have to sign in your Gmail account, for which you must have a device to connect with internet.

Ways To Use Video Chatting:

1. Go to for sing in. 

If u don't have any account make a new. To do so click "Sing Up" button and fill up the form properly. Where u will ask for your first and last name, desired username and password. 

Lastly Click on "Create My Account."

2.Click through to your Gmail account. On the left-hand side, you will see the "Chat" bar. As you e-mail friends who also have Gmail, Google will automatically add their handles to your "Chat" bar.

3.Click on a user's handle to begin chatting with them. A chat dialog box will open the lower right-hand corner. Write your content in the lower dialog box and push "Enter."

4.Click on the camera icon to open a video with the user. Some users may not have video capabilities, which means that they do not have an active webcam. 

If this is the case, there will not be a video icon available through chat for you to push to activate the video portion of chat.


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