Monday, July 18, 2011

WordPress Used By Top Million Sites

WordPress is a great solution for a nice looking website or blog. The installation of WordPress is a bit tricky but now hosting providers are beginning to roll out one button install of WordPress than others. At present more than 50 million blogs strong and about 25 million of them are hosted by WordPress.

Based on a statistics made by WordPress it found that now 50.1 million blogs based on this technology. Those are located on WordPress servers generate about 500,000 new posts and about 400,000 comments every day. 283 million people are visiting those 25 million-or-so blog every months, resulting in more than 2.5 billion page impressions.

The number of pageviews across all public sites.

According to them, WordPress blogs are published in 120 languages – 66% of the blogs are in English, 8.7% in Spanish and 6.5% in Portuguese, 3.5% in Indonesia, 1.8% in German.

WordPress is downloaded about 50 times per minute - by

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