Monday, April 25, 2011

Bangladeshi Model Nova's Exposed Boobs

Nova one of the young talent Bangladeshi  actress, model, and TV performer. Though she enter the media within a short time but she able to earn a good face by her performance. Now among the top actress of Bangladesh she is one of the top ranked.

In internet her thousands of images are available but her some specific images able to attract the attention of her fans that is her exposed boobs. 

In the image it found that she was sitting before the camera and some one expose her boobs from her dress. Seeing the image it clear that she done it willingly and also interested to make such type of pose.


Though the images were available from a long time it can't affect her career severely so that we can get her into the media. The teenage actress start her career into media in 2008. Besides her media career she also continue her study now she is a bachelor class student.


  1. laste tomeru ber holo ........tomra shub singer e eko sexyboler baire

  2. magigo voday morich deoa dorkar

  3. Chudi Tor Duhd Cut. Haramzadi!


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