Saturday, May 7, 2011

iPad 3 Available In Market Soon!

Apple the giant electronics company launched their iPad 2 on March in this year. Though the device contain the attractive features but for some of the lacking if it it can not attract the attention of the customers properly. The authority of Apple also consider it with great care and decided to launch the iPad 3 as soon as possible. Its assume that in the last of this year the new version of iPad will available in the international market.

From some corner its informed that the new Apple  iPad3 to be available prior to Christmas time.If its so they will get huge response from the technology lovers and it may turn in to hot cake in that period.

From another corner the rumor also raised that the device may available in the  September, 2011.

But according to my thinking apple would not release their third generation iPad in this year. Because if they do so they have to face a image crisis and the electric giant like Apple will never take it in an easy way. Not only that if the device available in this year this will engulf the market of iPad 2 which will be the self killing action for Apple and undoubtedly Apple will try to skip it. So in my sense the new version device may available in the last of this year. So that it will create an excitement among the users and before the new year they will try to get a piece.


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